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How many watts is suitable for car lights?

  • 2021/11/5
  • 715

Generally, LED headlights are 30-40W, and daytime running lights do not exceed 10W, but the specific requirements should be based on the original car light power and personal brightness requirements. In theory, the higher the wattage of the led car light, that is, the higher the power, the brighter the brightness. But in fact, the higher the wattage of LED lights, the better. If the wattage is higher, the power will be greater and the working temperature will be higher, which requires better heat dissipation.


Generally, there are three types of headlights for automobiles, which are halogen headlights, Xenon lights, and LED lights. Compared with the halogen headlamps with the same output power and the Xenon lamp, the Xenon lamp consumes less electricity and has a longer service life. LED lights are more expensive. Generally, high-end cars and luxury cars are more commonly used. Family cars use less. LED lights have strong chromaticity, low power consumption, and a longer service life.

Since the output power required by the original design of the electronic device and the power supply circuit field are determined, if the output power exceeding the original output power is used, it will cause excessive operation and further damage the fuse and socket. There is also an increase in the load of the power circuit, which will damage the battery and power circuit of the car, cause more serious heat and other conditions, which will increase the risk of fire.


Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when disassembling and replacing such electronic components. It is not necessary to disassemble and replace electronic devices of different specifications, and at the same time, there is no need to change or damage the power circuit without permission. This is very easy to cause a fire in the vehicle.


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